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    J Cule

  • Fantastic job!

    Dawn Butterworth

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    C Harrison

  • Easy availability - within a week!

    Mrs Iqbal

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    Mr Derek Bond

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    Nigel Haxby

  • Excellent & sufficient service,would definatley use again.

    Katy Wassell

  • I'd just moved house so wanted a clean oven :)

    Catherine Green

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  • Did a great job!

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    Mrs K Wassell

  • Well pleased :)

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  • Amazing service and looked better than when oven was new.

    Sadie Cotton

  • Well worth every penny. Complete satisfaction, friendly, reliable...

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    K Rackcliffe

  • Very pleased with work

    L Sullivan

  • oven and hob sparkling as if it were brand new. 110% satisfied.

    Miss Leanne Hargreaves

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  • Very professional set up

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  • My oven was smoking and needed cleaning badly.  Well pleased...

    Mrs Parks

  • Great price.

    Mrs Kerry Gibbard

  • Excellent service throughout

    Sue Jubb

  • Loved the £10 voucher and the fact you can pay cash or cheque

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  • Very pleased with the work done.

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    S Ilernohan

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    Mrs Inglesfield

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  • Friendly technician and brilliant job. My oven looks like new.

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  • Very friendly and explained anything I had questions about.

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    Well managed and efficient.Job...

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    J Heath

  • We moved house and the oven was in a very bad state

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    Mrs Sue Jack

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    Mrs Parkinson

  • Joy Creaser

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    Linda Donald

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    Kate & Dean Johnston

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    Shirley and Mike Dixon

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  • C T Hurton

  • Did a very good job!

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    D.T.B. Properties

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    Frank Tingle

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    Emma Hutchinson

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  • I don't like cleaning ovens so this was ideal

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    Mrs Horrigan

  • Complete satisfaction.

    E Barnes

  • Fantastic results, would thoroughly recommend.

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  • Did a very good job.

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    Mrs Snowden

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  • The oven looks amazing!  Thank you!

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  • Fabulous

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  • Excellent Service

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  • Local Service :)

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  • Fantastic service - very professional - Alan "is a star"

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  • Fantastic job.

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  • It was perfect. What else can I say?

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  • Quick & easy, thanks so much.

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  • Complete satisfaction

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  • Recommended by a family member - very worthwhile

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  • Alan was very polite and very good at his job!

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  • Excellent service, will definitely use you again.

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    Mrs Kate Stokoe

  • I would recommed this service to all my friends.

    Mrs Kernohan

  • like the fact it was cash or cheque.

    Jane Jones

  • Very good service and quality of work.

    Jeff Coupe

  • Well presented uniformed staff. Very professional service

    Marie Hills

  • Brilliant Job - Thank You

    Mrs Brelsford

  • Price was right. Excellent service, will definitely use again.

    Joanne Goulden

  • My oven looks like new - good job :)

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    Mrs Garwood

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  • Leaflet arrived at the appropriate time :)

    Pat Elderkin

  • Professional service, very good clean, good as new.

    Lisa Johnson

  • Fantastic results. Great Service. Thank you

    Helen Moxon

  • Polite, courteous and careful job done.

    Kay Stevens

  • Excellent service both in the office and by Alan, thank you

    Kate Stokoe

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    Mrs Kristin Lumb

  • Professional and efficient service!

    L Rauby

  • Competitive prices

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  • Technician is an asset to your...

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  • Margaret Barber

  • All good

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    Holly Wright

  • Will definitely use this service again 

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  • Fantastic service, Will pass info around, cannot wait to show my...

    Jackie Laws

  • Very polite and helfpul - did a smashing job - I have rebooked for...

    Jenny Collins

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    Mrs Lincoln

  • Very professional service, would highly recommend.

    Jane Hoysal

  • Service was quick and efficient.

    Bruce Underhay

  • Very satisfied with the work carried out

    Miss Wendy Suttill

  • I can't clean my oven myself now, but this is an excellent...

    Mrs Fox

  • I will definitely have you again - great job

    Mrs Barbara Hague

  • Very good

    Mr Taylor

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